GPS Tracking System Features

FieldLogix is the only GPS fleet management system that provides you with a set of “eco-matics” features that help you reduce your vehicles’ fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

FieldLogix Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

You can view real-time locations of your fleet vehicles on our Google maps-based system. The maps automatically refresh with your vehicles’ locations so you can follow them as they operate throughout the day.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics + Reporting

Our extensive reports display a detailed analysis of your vehicles’ past activities.  Use the reports to verify employee records, reduce exposure to liabilities, and improve driver safety.

FieldLogix Fuel Trends Reporting

Fuel Waste + Trends Reports

Reduce your fuel bill by curbing wasteful driving habits. Score your drivers based on their green driving habits and monitor your fleet’s overall green driving improvement over time.

FieldLogix Fuel + Trends Reports
FieldLogix Notifications & Alerts
FieldLogix Notifications & Alerts

Notifications and Alerts

Receive notifications for vehicle maintenance reminders, speeding & idling violations, personal use of vehicles and shift violations through features of our fleet management system. Our flexible maintenance module allows you to set reminders for maintenance by time, miles or even engine hours. Our notifications and alerts give you the ability to be proactive in correcting policy violations internally before they become liabilities.

FieldLogix GPS Dispatching + Garmin Navigation

Route Optimization + Navigation

With FieldLogix+Nav you can send your jobs to a mobile GPS navigation device and route your drivers from their current locations to each new job. The system also provides you with status information on your dispatched jobs and work completed.

FieldLogix GPS Dispatching + Garmin Navigation

GPS Tracking App

We offer apps for both iPhones and Android devices.  You can use our apps to access critical GPS fleet tracking features, allowing you to track critical information such as vehicle locations from anywhere you want and at any time.

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