GPS Tracking System Features

FieldLogix is the only GPS fleet management system that provides you with a set of “eco-matics” features that help you reduce your vehicles’ fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

FieldLogix has been pioneering the GPS fleet management industry for over a decade.  We have been recognized with various awards and accolades for our continuous innovation and world-class support. The combination of our innovative features and aggressive pricing has made FieldLogix one of the most popular providers in our industry.  See some of our features below and reach out to us for more details and a quote today! GPS fleet management plans start at $14.95 per month and are typically 30% lower than our competitors.

FieldLogix Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Stay on top of your fleet’s locations with our best-in-class Google-powered maps!

  • 20 second to 5 minutes location updates
  • Auto-refresh
  • Save favorite maps
  • Find closest vehicle
  • Satellite and street map views
  • Locate on demand
  • Analytics & Reporting

    Historical Activity Reporting

    Use our analytics & reports to improve driver performance & activities!

  • Breadcrumb history
  • Stop details
  • Daily work hours
  • Jobs visited
  • State mileage
  • Idling & speeding
  • FieldLogix Fuel Trends Reporting

    Driver Safety Analytics

    Cut your liabilities by improving driving habits!

  • Aggressive driving monitoring
  • Posted speed limit violation alerts
  • Driver scoring & ranking
  • Historical behavior trends
  • Future performance projections
  • FieldLogix Fuel + Trends Reports

    Vehicle vitals

    Keep your vehicles on the road by monitoring their vitals!

  • Check engine light status
  • MPG monitoring
  • Battery voltage
  • Engine coolant & oil temp
  • Current fuel level
  • FieldLogix Notifications & Alerts

    Exception Notifications & Alerts

    Stay on top of your driver’s activities with real-time notifications & alerts!

  • Maximum & posted speed limit violations
  • Excessive idling
  • After-hours vehicle use
  • Shift violations
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Geo-fence violations

    FieldLogix Notifications & Alerts
    FieldLogix GPS Dispatching + Garmin Navigation
    FieldLogix GPS Dispatching + Garmin Navigation

    Route Optimization + Dispatching

    Complete more jobs with optimized routing & dispatching!

  • Optimize & save routes
  • Drag & drop calls to closest drivers
  • 2 way text messaging
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Track drivers as they complete jobs

    GPS Tracking Apps

    Use our native mobile apps for real-time GPS fleet tracking from the field!

  • Current locations
  • Driver status
  • Satellite map view
  • Distance from you
  • Recent activity
  • Vehicle history

    “We evaluated several GPS fleet tracking systems and went with FieldLogix due to its ease of use, reporting features, and cost” – Krystal @ Interwest Construction

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