FieldLogix Research Tools

We have compiled a useful set of tools to assist you in your evaluation of GPS fleet and driver management technology within your organization. Feel free to reach out to us at if you need additional assistance in your research.


fieldlogix faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

FieldLogix FAQ's. Learn about our services, deployment, and support processes here. Read More
fleet gps roi

Fleet GPS ROI Calculator

Use our simple fleet GPS ROI calculator. FieldLogix sends more money to your bottom line. Use our easy-to-use calculator to determine how much money you will gain! Read More
gps fleet tracking savings

GPS Fleet Management Savings

See how much money organizations typically save with GPS fleet & driver management technology. Typical savings are $5,484 in labor costs per driver per year and ... Read More
convince management to buy gps

Presenting GPS to Management

Convincing upper management that a GPS fleet & driver management is worthwhile is difficult. Here are some tips for presenting your case. Read More
how gps tracking technology works

How GPS Technology Works

An overview of how GPS technology works along with a brief history of GPS and how it enables us to monitor the locations of your vehicles and drivers. Read More
AT&T 2G shutdown map

AT&T 2G Shutdown Map & Schedule

View the AT&T shutdown map. This map displays each market and scheduled shutdown dates for AT&T's 2G towers. Read More
eld mandate

ELD Mandate

Learn about the ELD mandate and determine if it applies to you and what you have to do to comply. Read More