GPS Tracking Busts St. Louis City Employee Falsifying Time Sheets

FBI Says GPS Tracking Data Shows Employee Collected $175k Without Ever Working.

To his supervisors, Fred Robinson must have seemed the ideal employee. Every weekday that he worked in 2010, except for one, Robinson started work at precisely 7:30 a.m., according to his time sheets.

Robinson, a full-time employee for the St. Louis City Treasurer for over 5 years, was supposed to be spending his days cruising city streets, looking for broken parking meters or illegally parked vehicles that hadn’t been ticketed. But things about Mr. Robinson’s work weren’t adding up.

The FBI became aware of the situation and started to suspect that Mr. Robinson was a “no-show” employee at the St. Louis City Treasurer’s Office, alleging that he collected $175,000 in paychecks without ever actually going to work.

So the FBI secretly placed a GPS tracking device onto the bottom of his Chevrolet Cavalier and used it to track his whereabouts for the next two months. What the FBI found Mr. Robinson doing during work hours was unbelievable.

Using data gathered from the GPS tracking device, Special Agent Monique Comeau testified in a St. Louis Court that Robinson was not doing any of the work that he claimed to be doing on the time sheets that he submitted to his bosses. She testified that Robinson typically had a much more relaxed schedule, leaving his house at 9 a.m., spending an hour at a local diner, then driving between his second job as the head of a charter school and his third job, starting his own day care.

Fox News reported that Robinson “spent more time eating than working.”

It turns out, while Robinson was supposed to be at his job for the City Treasurer’s office, he was actually embezzling money from his 2nd job, where he was a board member of the Paideia Academy charter school.

Robinson was indicted in September 2011 on one count of wire fraud and seven counts of federal program theft. He was accused of looting more than $250,000 of public money from the now defunct Paideia Academy charter school to use for his day care business, and as much as $175,000 from his no-show or “ghost employee” job at the Treasurer’s office.

Robinson has denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty.

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