GPS Tracking Systems for Transportation Fleets

Build, Optimize, and Dispatch Daily Routes to your Vehicles.

For over a decade, FieldLogix has been helping passenger transportation organizations throughout North America improve route planning and customer service with our GPS fleet tracking technology. Companies use FieldLogix’s transportation tracking systems to meet the performance requirements of their contracts. Additionally, they use the data from FieldLogix to provide accurate billing records to their clients. Our work has saved transportation companies thousands of dollars annually by improving efficiencies and cutting fuel costs.

Do you ever wonder if your vehicles are where they need to be at all times?   

Transportation companies have tight itineraries and we help you stay on top of the locations of your vehicles to ensure that they are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.  View your vehicles’ real-time locations on our Google maps with real-time traffic flow to ensure they get to their destinations on time.


Are on-time arrivals required for your service performance agreements?

You can build, optimize, and save your vehicles’ daily routes within FieldLogix.  Simply send the routes out to your drivers and view their locations and statuses within our system. Our transportation tracking systems help to ensure that your vehicles get to their pickup and drop-off locations on time.


Is safety a concern?

A vehicle that is driven aggressively is 66% more likely to cause an accident.  Our GPS Tracking system can help you monitor and correct unsafe driving behaviors including aggressive driving, speeding and more. You can view logs and alerts for these events and take corrective action to ensure that your passengers are safe and you minimize any potential legal liabilities.


Is maintaining your vehicles a challenge?

When your vehicles are constantly on the move, you are depending on them to perform well in order to maximize company efficiency and ensure passenger safety. Don’t risk losing money on your vehicles due to poor maintenance or a driver who simply doesn’t care for property that isn’t their own. Our vehicle monitoring system tracks and creates detailed, accurate reports for you so that you know which vehicle needs your attention and when your fleet is due for a check up. This allows you to focus elsewhere knowing that we will alert you should any of your vehicles become due for maintenance.

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