GPS Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Systems for Service Companies

Increase efficiency and revenue by closely monitoring your service vehicles.

FieldLogix’s service vehicle tracking system has helped improve productivity for thousands of service fleets throughout North America. Our customers find that FieldLogix helps them streamline dispatching, improve technician productivity, and increase billable hours. Nationwide companies such as ServiceMaster and Venturi Technologies benefit from our award-winning gps tracking systems.


Do your employees turn in inaccurate job documentation?

Do you ever receive billing disputes or do you suspect that your employees are purposely inflating their billing hours? If your employees are not properly documenting their daily activities, this can lead to inaccurate billing and timekeeping. You can lose the trust of customers that believe that they have been over-billed or you may have to credit customers since you have no means of accurately verifying job durations. Your employees may also be inflating their work hours or overtime hours. They may even finish their work days early and cause you to lose potential jobs. With our fleet tracking  GPS for company vehicles, you can verify actual job durations and employee work hours. We will help you reduce labor costs, improve customer service, and even bring in additional jobs.


Is dispatching your service vehicles a challenge?

Do you receive calls from potential customers that need to know if you can send someone out ASAP? What happens when you have to call them back 10 minutes later with an answer? Did they already decide to use someone else? With our service vehicle tracking system, you will immediately know which technician is closest to the call, dispatch the stop to the tech, and give the customer an instant ETA. By being more efficient and accurate in the monitoring and GPS tracking of your service vehicles, you will be able to bring in more revenue for your company.


Do you suspect that your employees are completing side jobs?

Are your employees often tempted by customers offering cash for their services? How many of your employees succumb to this temptation? How much money does your company lose each month due to side jobs? We will give you the ability to track your service vehicles closely and catch employees that are using your vehicles and time for side jobs. This will bring in more revenue for your company.


Are you concerned about personal use of your vehicles?

By using your vehicles for personal activities, your employees may be increasing the wear of your vehicles, wasting your fuel, and increasing your liability. Our gps tracking for business vehicles will document and monitor any after-hours use of your vehicles to help bring your fuel and maintenance costs down.


Is maintaining your service vehicles and equipment a challenge?

Most employees do not maintain your property as if it is their own vehicle. Not maintaining your vehicles as required potentially leads to more expensive problems down the road. Our company vehicle gps tracking system gives you the ability to monitor service vehicle mileage so that you can schedule regular maintenance without counting on the driver to manage the process or provide you with mileage reports.

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