Government GPS Fleet Tracking

Save on fuel costs and improve accountability & transparency.

Since 2002, FieldLogix’s government fleet management solution has helped agencies throughout North America to improve employee transparency & accountability.  We work with a wide variety of government departments including fire, waste, code enforcement, public works, water, etc. and have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.


Do your employees turn in inaccurate documentation?

If your employees are not properly documenting their daily activities, this can lead to inaccurate timekeeping and project management. Your city employees may also be inflating their work hours or overtime hours, costing the taxpayers of the town money. They may even finish their work days early, which negatively impacts productivity. With our government vehicle tracking system, you can verify actual job durations and city employee and/or contractor work hours. We will help you reduce costs and even complete more work each day as a result of our government fleet tracking services for city vehicles.


Are you concerned that your city vehicles may negatively impact our environment?

Poor driving habits cause excessive emissions and harm the environment. They can also increase your fuel costs and wear and tear on your vehicles. Our government fleet management system will monitor aggressive driving and excessive speeding & idling. You can use this information to coach or take corrective action to ensure that your employees comply with your requirements.


Are you concerned about personal use of your organization’s vehicles?

When employees use company vehicles for personal activities, they have a major impact on your vehicle’s maintenance, fuel consumption and your financial and general liability. Our GPS fleet tracking system for municipalities will record any un-permitted use of your vehicles to help bring your fuel and maintenance costs down.


Is maintaining your vehicles and equipment a challenge?

Most employees do not maintain your property as if it is their own. Not maintaining your vehicles as required leads to more expensive and time-consuming problems down the road. Our fleet government fleet management system gives you the ability to monitor vehicle mileage so that you can schedule regular maintenance without counting on the driver to manage the maintenance process or provide you with mileage reports. Reduce headaches by using our fleet tracking and city vehicle monitoring services.

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