GPS Tracking Systems for Distribution Fleets

Improve the accuracy of your reports and make your miles more profitable!

For over a decade, FieldLogix has been helping distribution companies throughout North America improve route planning and reduce delivery times with GPS fleet tracking technology.  Distribution companies use FieldLogix to ensure that every mile they travel is profitable. Additionally, they use FieldLogix to reduce wait times, improve IFTA reporting accuracy, reduce deadheading, and reduce theft. Our freight tracking system has saved distribution companies thousands of dollars annually by improving efficiencies and cutting fuel costs.

Do you ever wonder if your vehicles are where they need to be at all times?   

Distribution companies have tight itineraries and we help you stay on top of the locations of your vehicles to ensure that they are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. With our freight tracking system, you can view your vehicles’ real-time locations on our Google maps with real-time traffic flow to ensure they get to their destinations on time.


Is routing your trucks a challenge?

Are you using your dispatcher’s knowledge of the geography in order to plan your daily routes? What happens when that person is absent? Does that person really know the most efficient way to route your stops? With FieldLogix, you can build, optimize, and send routes directly to your driver’s in-cab device. They will immediately see their daily itinerary and will be guided to each of their stops while avoiding road restrictions. This reduces excessive back and forth communication with your dispatcher, saves you fuel, and buys you time!


Do your employees turn in inaccurate documentation?

If you are dependent on the accuracy of your employees’ documentation for fuel tax reporting and vehicle maintenance, then there is likely room for improvement. It is no secret that many people have difficulty with properly recording events as they occur, especially when they have many other tasks that they are preoccupied with. Our freight tracking system saves you and your drivers from this headache by automatically recording events such as state mileage, stop times, and operating hours as they occur. You will be able to use the data from FieldLogix to ensure that you avoid potential fines and expenses that could result from inaccurate documentation.


Is safety a concern?

A driver who is not operating a large truck safely presents a major road hazard.  They pose a danger to anyone on the road, your organization, and themselves.  In fact, these types of drivers are 66% more likely to cause an accident.  We can help you monitor and correct unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding and aggressive driving. You can view logs and receive alerts for these events and take corrective action before they become a legal liability for your organization.


Is maintaining your vehicles a challenge?

It is unlikely that your employees keep an eye on your vehicle the same way they would their own. This could lead to a lack of good maintenance practices and potential downtime for your vehicles. Our fleet tracking and vehicle monitoring system allows you to delegate maintenance reminders to us, by tracking your vehicle’s mileage so that you don’t have to rely on your drivers to provide you with accurate mileage logs. Reduce headaches by using our GPS fleet tracking system for your trucks.


Are you concerned about cargo theft?

Do you transport high value cargo? Our freight tracking system can help you recover stolen trucks within minutes rather than hours or days. Many of our customers have used FieldLogix to guide law enforcement to the thieves’ locations before they had time to unload the cargo.

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