Construction GPS Tracking Benefits

Reduce job costs, fuel costs, and improve safety with FieldLogix!

We work with several of the largest construction companies throughout North America.  Companies such as Primoris & Fugro have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by utilizing our construction GPS tracking system to reduce fuel costs, job costs, and to improve driver safety.


Are you concerned about employees arriving to your jobsites late, leaving early, or taking extended breaks off-site?

If so, this could needlessly increase your labor costs and the duration of your jobs. Your losses due to unproductive activities multiply if there are more than two people in each vehicle, or if crew members are waiting for the drivers to arrive before starting work. Our GPS fleet tracking system helps you by documenting jobsite arrival & departure times. We can also email you alerts if your drivers start their work days late or stop their work days early. Through these features, we will help you reduce labor costs and reduce the duration of your jobs via our construction fleet tracking service for your construction vehicles.


Do you suspect that your employees are completing side jobs?

How many of your employees succumb to the temptation of getting secretly paid in cash? How much money is your company missing out on due to employees performing side jobs? We will give you the ability to track and monitor your construction vehicles closely and catch any employees that are taking advantage of your property and your time by performing side jobs. This will help maximize your company’s revenue.


Are you concerned about personal use of your construction vehicles?

Is your fuel bill erratic or seems higher than it should be? By using your construction vehicles for personal activities, your employees may be increasing the wear and tear on your vehicles, wasting your fuel, and increasing your liability. Our GPS tracking system for construction vehicles will document any after-hours use of your vehicles to help bring fuel and maintenance costs down.


Is maintaining your construction vehicles a challenge?

Most employees do not maintain your property as if it is their own. Not maintaining your vehicles as required leads to more expensive problems down the road. Our construction fleet management system gives you the ability to monitor vehicle mileage so that you can schedule regular maintenance without counting on the driver to manage the process or provide you with mileage reports. Become more efficient and take the guess work out of maintenance with our construction fleet tracking system.   


Do you receive calls about unsafe driving?

An accident caused by unsafe driving will create a huge financial liability for any company in today’s litigious environment. If you constantly receive speeding complaints, one of these drivers may eventually cause an accident.  Our construction fleet tracking system gives you the ability to coach speeding and aggressive drivers before they cause an accident and create a legal liability for your company. You may also receive a discount of up to 18% from your insurance provider for having a GPS fleet management system installed.


Are you concerned about construction vehicle theft?

Do you lose thousands of dollars due to vehicle and equipment theft? Is there a lack of security at your jobsites after hours? Our system can help you recover stolen company vehicles and equipment. We can even send instant alerts to your cell phone if your equipment is moved after work hours. This helps improve security and may reduce your insurance costs.

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