2G ShutdownAT&T 2G Shutdown Map

AT&T is making changes to their cellular network that will negatively impact your service.  Essentially, they are shutting down 2G cellular towers that talk to some of your GPS tracking units in certain markets in order to transition to the next generation cellular technology. Their plan is to eventually take all of these cellular towers off-line by January 2017.  This is commonly referred to as the 2G sunset. They recently released a schedule of when they will shut down cellular towers in each market and we plotted them on the map below for your convenience.  FieldLogix has been a vocal opponent regarding this issue, even reaching out to several members of congress in order to force AT&T to reduce the impact on our customers.  So far, these efforts have not resulted in a positive outcome.

How this may be impacting you:

1. You may notice an increased number of times where your devices go into storing mode or stop reporting.

2. You may not see your vehicles’ locations in areas where they would previously report their locations.

Your options:

1. “Ride it out” and REFRESH your units after your operating areas are taken off-line.  Again, we do not expect to receive notice of which markets will taken off-line and when.

2. REFRESH now and take advantage of the latest technology and avoid any last minute rush to switch over your units. A last minute decision could results in delays and downtime.

Map of the 2G Shutdown Schedule

The yellow icons display AT&T’s 1900Mhz frequency, which primarily impacts in-building coverage. For example, vehicles will have trouble reporting in garages and other enclosed areas after the tower shutdown date.

The red icons display AT&T’s 850Mhz frequency, which primarily impacts outdoor coverage. Vehicles operating within range of these towers will likely stop reporting after the tower shutdown date.

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View AT&T’s announcement regarding the 2G Shutdown here

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