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Awards from industry-leading organizations

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FieldLogix GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking & Mobile Dispatching

Starting at $14.95/driver/mo.


ic_satelliteOur GPS tracking capabilities allow you to monitor and manage your drivers as they complete their workday.  We offer various plans that give you the ability to monitor as much (or as little) detail as you would like to ensure that you are on top of what your drivers are doing.

  • Improve accountability
  • Reduce labor & fuel costs
  • Reduce fuel costs
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    gps route planningFieldLogix assists you in planning your drivers’ workday to ensure that they spend as much time as possible servicing your customers and less time on the road. You can build optimal routes, dispatch them to your drivers and monitor status as drivers complete their jobs.

  • Complete more jobs
  • Reduce fuel & labor costs
  • Reduce “windshield time”
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    ic_cell_phone_achieve_small-fwUse our mobile app – Goose – to transmit your jobs to your drivers. They can update their job statuses as they complete their workday and send ETA alerts to your end clients.

  • Improve customer service
  • Improve communications
  • Improve quality assurance
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    How it works

    How GPS Fleet Tracking Works

    FieldLogix helps you plan your workday, dispatch jobs, track your drivers’ activity, and monitor everything from our web and mobile apps.

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    Real-Time Tracking

    Instant Real-Time Tracking

    Job Planning & Optimization

    Job Planning & Route Optimization

    Driver Dispatching

    Driver Dispatching

    Innovative Mobile Apps

    Driver Behavior Monitoring

    Driver Behavior Monitoring

    Safety Alerts

    Driver Safety Notifications

    Analytics + Reporting

    Advanced Analytics + Reporting

    Scheduled Alerts

    Proactive Violation Alerts

    Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

    Maintenance Reminders

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    “I like how it makes planning our business day so much easier.” – Troy @ Alpine Materials

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    Clients and Partners

    FieldLogix Clients & Partners
    FieldLogix Clients & Partners
    FieldLogix Clients & Partners
    FieldLogix Clients & Partners
    FieldLogix Clients & Partners

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